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Having problems with your Mac? Albeit Apple gadgets are top notch tech, they are not indestructible. Over time, some models are prone to developing hard drive problems, overheating, flexgate breakage and so on. 

No matter what problem you are having, count on us. At Mobile Service Point, we have the know-how, experience and tools to repair your Mac, MacBook Pro or iMac. Since we understand the crucial role of your device, we promise you a fast and quality repair.

Please be aware: Do not try to fix the device by yourself unless you’re a specialist. Sometimes, even a small mistake can be costly. Come by our Mac repair shop in The Square, Tallaght. Not only do we offer free and quick diagnosis but also an estimate together with a fast and reliable repair.

Our highly skilled technicians are up to date with the latest Apple gadgets and repairs. Generally, we have effectively resolved all issues concerning hard disks, broken screens, power failure, intermittent loss of wireless and unknown beeps. Furthermore, if you have been told that your Mac is beyond repair, ask us for a second opinion. We don’t charge for it and we’d love to help because above all, we are problem solvers.

In addition, all our repairs are backed by our 90 day warranty.


Apple Mac Repairs Tallaght


Apple Mac Repair in Tallaght Dublin
  • OSX, Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, Mavericks, Yosemite installation
  • Install XP, Windows 7 on mac using boot camp or Parallels
  • Replace hard disk or Ram in Apple computer
  • Backup Microsoft Entourage
  • Mac startup problem
  • Mac keyboard is freezing or slow
  • Mac/MacBook freezes or overheating Problems
  • Reformat Mac, iMac, Mac mini, MacBook, MacBook pro, iBook, MacBook Air etc.
  • Water or liquid spilled
  • Mac data transfer, Backup & Recovery
  • Password reset/help for mac desktop or laptop
  • Troubleshooting wireless connectivity problems
  • Macbook Pro/Macbook,Macbook Air screen repair, iMac repair / Replacement
  • Printer Configuration/connection
  • DVD stucked in mac drive or drive replacement
  • Power connector broken.
  • Mac/MacBook freezes or overheating Problems

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